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  1. The disappearance and recovery of a Virginia teenager provides a glimpse into the FBI’s role when kids go missing and are believed to be in danger.
  2. The FBI joined the nation in paying tribute to fallen officers this week, including seven agents whose deaths have been linked to their 9/11 response work.
  3. A con man who preyed on women and pretended to be an FBI agent is now serving a nearly six-year prison term after his lies and deceptions finally caught up with him.
  4. Over the past three decades, Hogan’s Alley—a mock town on the grounds of the FBI’s Training Academy in Quantico, Virginia—has evolved into the cornerstone of the Bureau’s practical training program.
  5. A group in Pennsylvania claiming itself exempt from government authority laid claim to dozens of foreclosed homes worth millions of dollars and sold them illegally to unsuspecting victims.