Smartphone & Mobile Device Investigations

When you need information from a smartphone or tablet to gather evidence, possibly even for court, there are many options out there. However, most reputable data recovery companies do not recover data from smartphones (especially iPhones), and many of the online options available are either scams or simply unqualified to perform these tasks. Even if you purchased a program that claimed it was able to recover the data you needed at home, would the court accept it? Investigative Tactics has a partnership with a digital forensics professional; many of the data recovery can be performed remotely, meaning you don’t have to ship the phone or tablet anywhere.cell phone forensics Naples Private Investigator Detective

Our forensic partner can duplicate and document any evidence that is present on your mobile device in a way that can be utilized in court. They can recover data that was accidentally or purposely deleted, and even recover data from devices that have been factory reset!

Recovered data can include:

  • Pictures & Videos
  • Text Messages
  • Web Chats
  • iMessages
  • Address Book
  • Call history (Phones only)
  • Voicemails (Phones only)
  • GPS data
  • Calendar information
  • Emails
  • GPS location information
  • Browsing history
  • Web searches
  • Contact Names & #s
  • Deleted Data
  • and More!

The data that can be recovered, gathered, and documented is dependent upon both the device and the version of the installed operating system. If the phone or device is damaged, our partners can often repair and stabilize the devices that are not working properly so you could gather your own evidence. Don’t risk potentially ruining the evidence you need by trying to recover it yourself. Let our experts help you today.

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Sexting & Sextortion

Are You A Victim Of Online Blackmail or Sextortion?

Don't Let Sextortionists Destroy Your Family Life and Reputation

What happens if someone shares your personal, explicit photos or video online? The risks are horrifying:

  • Your family life could be in ruins, possibly even leading to divorce or loss of parental rights.
  • Your professional reputation could be destroyed. You could even lose your job.
  • You could lose the trust of friends.

Stop Private, Personal Video From Being Exposed Online Or In Emails

When an online relationship becomes sexual — intimate chats, sexy photos, video exchanges — it can quickly lead to blackmail. This form of extortion is sometimes called "sextortion".

Our partners can stop that private information from being exposed.

Sextortionists can be ruthless, and they are always changing how they operate. Some now create new websites, posting the victim’s personal information — name, address, phone number and other details — along with the explicit video or images. The criminals use Search Engine Optimization techniques, and soon these sites begin to rank on major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. That means anyone searching the victim’s name will run across that website with the explicit material on the very first page of search results, virtually guaranteeing people will see it.

The criminals then send a sextortion email or text, demanding payment to get the site taken down. If you pay them, though, they will simply put the page up again later and demand more money.

What can you do? Act swiftly, and call us or click below.

With our partner's proprietary system, IP to Location ID, they can find the anonymous blackmailers. Their process enables them to follow the digital footprints to track down the criminals’ IP addresses, internet service providers and geographic locations, anywhere in the world. With that information and documented harassment, they can reach out to local authorities to bring the cybercriminals to justice and prevent exposure of your personal information.

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