Child Custody

Child Custody - Naples Private Investigator Detective

When your child is not with you, WHO are they with? Are they SAFE?

You just dropped off your child to be with your ex.  You'll see him or her in a day or so... BUT....

When they are with you, they are protected, cared for, just as a child should be... SAFE.  When they're with your ex, do you really know where YOUR child really is? 

  • Who they are with? 
  • Are they being taken care of? 
  • Are they safe? 
  • How do you know they're not just dropped off at a sitters instead of spending time with your ex? 
  • How do you know there's not a party going on there, one with drugs? 
  • How do you know the people your ex is associating with around your child are not dangerous? Aren't CRIMINALS?

If you don't know the answer to these (and many, many other) questions, you should talk to us.  Regardless of where your child is, you should know that they are safe and cared for.  Too many times we've had cases where it turned out the child was in a dangerous situation, one that isn't safe for the child and their development.  When these situations are learned, we'll work with the courts and attorneys to help keep your children SAFE.

If you find yourself in an incident similar to this, give us a call at (239) 300-0892 or drop us a note HERE.  We want to help you and your child.