Posted on 30 July 2014.
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In the wake of the home invasions recently in Collier and nearby counties, we've been thinking about what services we can offer to benefit the folks in our community. Sure, we offer high-quality investigative, background, and other services, but what could we do to help folks before being victimized? For this reason, Investigative Tactics decided that besides offering protective services, it may be helpful if we could offer classes on showing how folks can protect themselves better as well.


Therefore, some of our personnel are now Certified NRA Pistol & Personal Defense Inside the Home Instructors. This means that besides teaching people how to better defend themselves through handgun education and home-hardening techniques, we now offer the State of Florida required class for qualified individuals to obtain their Florida Concealed Weapon License. Some of our courses also meet this requirement for many other states' CWP/CCW License.

To make this opportunity easier for folks to take advantage of, WE'LL EVEN COME TO YOU! We can present the classroom portion of this class right in your own home or other location of your choosing. Once done with the classroom portion, we'll have you apply what you've learned by practicing on our private range. We even supply the handguns, ammunition, State of Florida Concealed Weapon License paperwork and Notary Public service required. If you've been thinking about learning about the safe and proper use of handguns, now is the time!

Don't be a victim; give us a call or email today to learn more!


(239) 285-4011


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Author: David Rich

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