Posted on 28 February 2014.
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"Name Behind The Number” Cellphone Skiptrace

Ryan Garrahy

cellphone image 1So how do you find someone’s name from a cell phone number? This is often one of the most popular questions asked to a private investigator these days. It’s also the least understood. So lets discuss how carriers distribute your information to 3rd parties which ultimately makes your information available to private databases.

Finding a person’s name from a cell phone number is called a “reverse cell phone number search”. When a cell phone subscriber signs up with a provider, ie: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint, they sign a lengthy contract which usually states that third-parties that have an interest in the provider are given general demographic information about the subscriber, this may include the city they initiated service, the subscriber’s name, address and how many lines the subscriber signed up for. Third-parties keep this data on file for the length the subscriber remains with the provider. Any company that has stock, shareholder rights, and other vested interests in the telecommunication company generally has a right to access and/or store this information (it says so in that 2 yr contract you signed).

Well, private companies pay big bucks to have access to this information, mostly for marketing purposes. Some of those companies happen to be investigative database companies, who pay a fee to have “live” or “archived” results from the wireless telephone company subscriber database. This information is not accessible to the general public, you have to go through a licensed private investigator who then goes through an “information broker” to access the information.

The cost to run a reverse cell phone search or a cell phone skip trace can vary widely. Most are approximately $125 to $250 depending on demand. The turnaround time can be anywhere from 24 hours to 3-4 business days depending on the investigator you hire.


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