Posted on 22 May 2015.
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Note: Although we're not officially endorsing this product, you have to admit, it's pretty cool!

iMbrief: A briefcase as smart & stylish as you are

Security, power, storage- digital & physical, GPS location tracking, packed in one stylish briefcase


iMbrief is the hippest briefcase in the world. It’s truly one-of-a-kind. Offering more than just security and functionality, iMbrief is also an object of art and a fashion statement in its own right. 

We’ve all been dazzled by those cool briefcases in spy films. But you never see them in the real world. So we came up with this idea to build a flashy briefcase packed with all the indispensable technologies required by today’s professional road warriors.

Fashion, security and versatility are what they demand in a mobile office. And it’s all here. Technology merged with a timeless slick style.





Mobile. Versatile. Stylish.

As technologies get smarter, more become possible. This is what inspires us at Magicubie – to create products that empower you through devices that do more. We aim to create delightful products with your own style.

iMbrief is designed to solve a wide range of challenges that road warriors face, such as accessing a reliable power supply and keeping personal items secure. Reliable and smart, tailor-made to be the most secure briefcase in the world.





  • Lock: Fingerprint access / Wireless lock / Kensington lock

For your peace of mind, iMbrief is protected by: 1) a state-of-the-art fingerprint access system; or 2) you can use your mobile device to control access through a secure connection. Only you have authorized access to your iMbrief. It will lock itself once the connection with your mobile device is unexpectedly severed. Using the iMbrief app, you’re always in control. In addition, your iMbrief is equipped with a Kensington Lock slot so valuable contents are protected while your iMbrief is securely tied to a post.

Any unauthorized attempt at opening the iMbrief will be greeted with a loud audible warning. In the off-chance that someone should attempt to take your iMbrief by force, the built-in speaker can emit a loud wail to scare off the perpetrator. When not acting as a siren, the wireless speaker will play your preferred tune at your command.


  • Siren: Alarm / Auto-lock on unplanned disconnection


GPS: Path / Location tracking

If you misplace your iMbrief, the built-in GPS ensures that it can be tracked down easily. The GPS also keeps a log of its tracks so you can quickly retrace your trip. 





  • Internal and external charge access

iMbrief is your power source on the go.  Keep your mobile phones and tablets functioning into the wee hours even when you’re away from an electric socket. The two discrete USB connectors tether your devices to iMbrief’s built-in battery. Or your devices can stay snuggly inside iMbrief, charging through either of the two internal USB connectors. 



  • Battery (optional second)


What’s more, an optional battery pack will power your laptop. Road warriors will never be crippled again by running out of juice.



  • Wireless storage


Use iMbrief for storage when you’ve run out of space in your devices. You can securely store, access, and share your digital information wirelessly through a built-in data storage facility. The setup is easy, storage is secure and the convenience it affords is priceless.



  • Music player / Reminder

The standard-issue built-in Bluetooth speaker alerts you to calendar reminders and also plays your favorite tunes at your whim. Simply set up these functions with the iMbrief app.

  • Internal lighting with light sensor

LEDs inside the briefcase light up the interior – so no more playing hide-and-seek when you’re trying to find things in the dark.

  • We speak both iOS and Android.

Keep control of your iMbrief with the iOS and Android app.



iMbrief exudes pure elegance. Its clean lines, no-nonsense svelte shape and bright colors give it an inviting tactile sensation. The hidden handle, out-of-sight shoulder strap rings, anti-theft lock slot, and ample internal space all exemplify the Magicubie team’s attention to detail in crafting this object of art and a fashion statement. 





As a token of our appreciation for your support, we've knocked off a huge 40% from the sticker price so you’ll be paying only $359 instead of $599. What’s more, a fashionable and versatile iMbrief tote bag, which can be used both as an iMbrief cover and a stand-alone bag, is included for orders placed on Indiegogo.


  • Tote bag

In addition, the following personalized trims are available to go with your unique iMbrief.

Add $30 for an iMbrief badge engraved with your name.

With $300 extra, you get a custom hand-made internal layout mold per your specification.

For $9,999, a leather iMbrief in your chosen color with name badge and custom internal velvet felt mold to protect your valuables will be manufactured specifically for you.

In addition, a three-day visit to meet the Magicubie team in Taiwan will be arranged. The trip is designed to help you understand first-hand the design and manufacturing environment in Taiwan. We’ll throw in a two-day sightseeing package to make the trip a fantastic once-in-a-lifetime experience!



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Author: David Rich

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