Posted on 10 February 2015.
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Ferguson PD Deploys Untested “Less Lethal” Handgun Attachment [VIDEO]

In the battle of political correctness and logic, it seems logic is losing all too often.

This is certainly the case in Ferguson, Missouri where the embattled police department is testing a “less lethal” device called Alternative Ballistics – that has never been used on a human test subject.

In the aftermath of the justified shooting of Michael Brown, Ferguson PD has yielded to public pressure to find a new “less lethal” alternative – despite the fact that Michael Brown continued to attack Officer Darren Wilson after being shot several times.

Known as Alternative Ballistics, the less lethal device Ferguson has chosen is an attachment that is placed over the barrel of gun. Should an officer need to fire, his first round will impact and propel the “less lethal” ball shaped projectile, theoretically leaving the officer free to fire follow up shots with the handgun.

Critics of the device point out that it will likely put officers in far more danger and will open departments up to even more questions as to why a “less lethal” option wasn’t used in a split second encounter.

According to Christian Ellis, chief executive of Alternative Ballistics, the device has never been tested on a human being. Deploying a device even it’s designers aren’t confident enough to test leaves questions as to the devices efficacy and just how much less than lethal it actually is.

Fumbling with the attachment “exposes police officers to greater risk,” said Steve Ijames, a former Missouri police major and training expert.

“I am all about less lethal,” he told the Post. “What bothers me is we will allow an officer to face immediate deadly jeopardy with a less-lethal round. Deadly force is the most likely thing to repel deadly force.”



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Author: David Rich

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